Home Safety


We take the safety of each of our customers very seriously, so every item goes through a thorough cleaning process before entering your home:
Step 1: Washing/Treatment with disinfectants:
- The textile parts are washed on a delicate cycle using hypoallergenic eco-friendly detergents for children
- Plastic and wooden parts are thoroughly cleaned using hypoallergenic eco-friendly detergents
- All products are hand-treated with a disinfectant that kills all germs, viruses and other sources of infection and disease.
Step 2. Steam and UV treatment:
- All parts and surfaces of the goods are treated with steam at temperatures up to 130 °C, which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and infectious carriers
- After that, all goods undergo a 'quartz' treatment. This involves using a medical germicidal lamp, a device emitting soft UV radiation. The purpose is to destroy (inactivate) viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, yeast, spores, and other infectious microorganisms.
Step 3. Packaging:
- All items are wrapped in foil to maintain 100% cleanliness during the delivery process
- A branded sticker ensures that the item has been cleaned with the utmost care!

The entire process of preparing rental items is captured on video:
Cleaning system of things in the company

Постер видео