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New Year tree 200 cm

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Overall Dimensions
200х114 см
Available colors
  • Green
Advantages and Functions
Height: 200 cm (2 meters) – a standard height for a traditional Christmas tree.
Material: Crafted from high-quality artificial materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), lending it a lush and natural appearance.
Light Snow Coating: To enhance realism, the tree features a gentle dusting of artificial snow.
Easy Assembly and Disassembly: The tree effortlessly comes together and comes apart, thanks to specially designed components with a quick-fastening system.
Disassembled Christmas Tree with Stand Elcaden Elt
An artificial fluffy Christmas tree, standing at a height of 200 cm with a light dusting of snow, will be a fantastic decoration for the New Year. The tree, with its branches made of safe PVC materials, does not shed and is odorless. This model features a stable floor stand and leaves no small debris behind.
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