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New Year's garland

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Overall Dimensions
Длина 200 см Ширина звезды 17 см
Available colors
  • Yellow
Advantages and Functions
With a length of 2 meters, 8 lighting modes, and 350 LED bulbs, this garland offers versatile and vibrant illumination options for a festive ambiance.
Star Garland
Plastic, electronic components
The New Year's Christmas tree garland with a five-pointed star atop, made of luminous threads, is a wonderful festive decoration for an apartment, private house, garden, cafe, restaurant, or veranda. This LED garland will create a festive mood and add a sparkling atmosphere of New Year's fun.
The garland offers 8 lighting modes and comes with a plug for connecting to the power supply. The lights can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, interior items, walls, windows, and other spaces. The LEDs generate minimal heat during operation, ensuring they won't damage the surfaces they touch or pose a fire hazard. Unlike traditional glass bulbs, LEDs are shatter-resistant and consume significantly less electrical energy.
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